Mail Room


Mailboxes are located in the Piedmont International University Student Center. Each resident student is assigned a mailbox, which will be theirs for the duration of their time on campus. Mailbox numbers, along with their combinations, are assigned during New Student Orientation. Packages can be picked up at the Mail Room in the Student Center during business hours. Packages will be available for pickup Monday - Friday from 2 - 5:30PM in the Student Center.


In order to open your mailbox, please follow the directions below:

  1. Turn left at least 4 turns, stopping on the first number

  2. Turn right, passing the first number, and stop on the second number

  3. Turn left, stopping on the third number

  4. Turn right until open (you should feel pull & tension). 

Your mailing address for your time here at Piedmont will be:

Your Name

420 S Broad Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101


PLEASE DO NOT include your campus mailbox number in your mailing address as this could delay the delivery of your mail if the Post Office thinks that it is a PO Box number. Please inform your family and friends of your proper mailing address.